Digital TV, cable TV and t-commerce projects

Analysis of the market for t-commerce and advising a major German retailer on a strategy to enter this business

Development of a multimedia concept and business model for a German consortium including broadcasters, satellite operators, consumer hardware manufacturers and local cable operators

Building a business model and business plan for an out-of-home TV business on behalf of a start up technology company.
Development of a broadband capacity pricing model for a German CATV operator

Analysis of the major European Pay-TV operators and their business models, with particular emphasis on interactive services and emerging technologies for a consumer equipment supplier

Development of an interactive TV-show concept (phone-in TV) using an innovative voice platform technology

Evaluation of a virtual PVR concept for a technology company operating a digital platform

Market analysis of the DVB (cable, satellite and digital TV) market and the IP TV market across 24 European countries. The study included analysing a range of business models for different content providers.

Content rights projects

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